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Tran Ngo

03 January 2017

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Lime & Coconut


The basic pedicure with the milk bath, and lime slices: lime sugar scrub, coco butter applied to your soles with heated booties, and lime scented lotion.

La La Lavender


One of our favorites right here! The basic pedicure with the lavender soak and flowers. It comes with lavender sugar scrub, paraffin treatment, and an extra lengthy massage.

Our Latest Courses

Fizz Pedi


Our basic pedicure with the fizz soak: removing polish, trim/file, cuticle treatment, buff, light exfoliation, light massage, and polish.


Orange La-Creme


Citrus soak with fruit and flowers, citrus sugar scrub, and mask on legs wrapped in hot towels, paraffin treatment, and extended massage.

Our mission

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of Nail Salon and Spa services, offering environmental lifestyle products to each of our clients under the highest standards of business ethics.

Our purpose is to create a beautiful, unique group of nail spas in markets that will attract people who are looking to have an enjoyable spa experience.

We are committed to helping you capture the tranquility of serenity and dedicated to the enhancement of your natural beauty. With dozens of stores nationwide, we are excited about watching our vision continue to grow through our nail spas.

One Comment

  • Jane Mgrayan says:

    I feel very comfortable here. Technicians did very gently. The design is very nice. I really love this place.

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